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House Spiders

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tn_Domestic House Spider
House spiders are the web-building spiders common in the corners and garages of most homes. Also known as "cobweb spiders" and usually brown or tan, the body of a house spider may be up to 3/8-inch in length with a spherical abdomen. Spiderlings float or "balloon" on tiny strands of silk onto buildings from wooded areas of fields. Once inside, any corner is suitable for house spiders to construct their webs, and they are responsible for most of the cobwebs seen inside buildings. Cobwebs are actually old webs that have collected dirt so that they are easily visible. Flying insects make up most of their diet, so these spiders are often seen around windows and doorways.

Tips for control of house spiders:

Remove visible spider webs with a broom or mop regularly.
Seal cracks around windows or doors.
Change exterior lights to the yellow "bug" lights that attract fewer flying insects upon which the spiders feed.
Treat exterior spider nesting sites as part of an overall pest management program.