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Bed Bugs

Category: Biting Insects

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Bed bugs are oval-shaped, reddish brown and up to 1-inch in length. These parasites are blood feeders that crawl into beds during the night while their victims are sleeping. The bite of a bedbug is painless, and bed bugs do not carry or transmit any human disease. Bed bugs spend the day resting in cracks or voids of furniture, walls, or bed frames. They also deposit their eggs in small cracks or in mattress seams, baseboards or trim areas. While not as common in homes as they once were, bed bugs are commonplace in motels, hotels and apartment buildings.
Positive identification of bed bugs is important because their close relatives, bat bugs and swallow bugs, can easily be confused with them. Bed bugs are difficult to eliminate, and misidentification can lead to unsuccessful control efforts.
Tips for dealing with bedbugs:

  • Disassemble and carefully inspect bedding, carpeting and furniture for signs of infestation. Clean and treat as necessary.
  •  Vacuum and treat cracks or voids in bed frames, furniture, baseboards and walls that may provide harborage for bed bugs.
  • Consultation with an experienced pest control professional is recommended for effective treatment of bed bugs.