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Africanized Honeybees

Category: Stinging Pests

bg_Africanized BeesAfricanized honeybees are golden-yellow with darker bands of brown and about 1-inch in length. Known also as “killer bees,” they become aggressive, especially when the colony is disturbed. When alarmed, the Africanized honeybee releases a pheromone that calls all the workers to battle during which they will attack and sting any moving animal or object. They will chase and sting people and pets for hundreds of yards, and it may take hours for the bees to settle down and return to the colony. Severe pain, injury and even deaths have occurred due to allergic reactions from a large number of stings. In the wild, honeybees often nest inside cavities of trees or within caves or rock formations. Occasionally, a colony will nest in a crawl space, an attic, a wall void or the chimney of a home.

Tips for control and eradication of Africanized honeybees:

Only experienced beekeepers or pest management professionals are qualified to identify and treat colonies or swarms of honeybees. Do not attempt to treat nests without proper training and equipment. Contact a pest professional immediately.
Once a colony inside a wall or attic has been eliminated, it becomes necessary to open the wall and remove the honey and honeycomb. If not removed, the honey will produce a strong odor and create a seeping stain, and will attract other insect pests.